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RADIOMI Final Meeting : 06-07/10/2016

Venue: Faculty of Medicine, University Claude Bernard Lyon 1, France

Local Organisers: Dr. Didier Le Bars and Dr. Thierry Billard

The RADIOMI final meeting was dedicated to PET radiochemistry and applications. Academic (Prof. Luc Zimmer) and industrial (Dr. Kaspar Koch, FutureChemistry) representatives talked about applications of PET radiotracers, with special focus on emerging developments and technologies. The RADIOMI fellows presented summaries of their research achievements over the past years. The meeting concluded with a discussion on innovative future collaboration.

About Lyon:

Year 1 [past events]

University of Oxford, UK


Synthesis-Catalysis - Complementary Skills I         
University of Oxford, UK
RADIOMI International Meeting I 
07-08/04/2014 - Agenda Day 2                    
University of Oxford, UK  
Workshop I : PET Technology and Application
09-11/04/2014 (Flyer
King's College London (KCL), UK                               

Photo: RADIOMI International Meeting 1, Oxford, UK.

Year 2   [click to see past events]

RADIOMI International Meeting II 
03/11/2014 - Agenda
Werck, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
RADIOMI Mid-Term Review Meeting 
Werck, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Radiochemistry - Complementary Skills II 
VU University Medical Centre Amsterdam, The Netherlands





Photo: RADIOMI Mid-Term Review Meeting, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Year 3   [click to see past events]

RADIOMI International Meeting  III
University of Turku, Finland

Radiopharmaceuticals - Complementary Skills III                                         
University of Turku, Finland
PET Basics course
23-25.03.2015 (Course information)            
University Hospital, Turku, Finland
Photo: RADIOMI International Meeting 3, Turku, Finland.                                                                                                      

Year 4   [click to see past events]  



Molecular Imaging Workshop 
10-12 November 2015 [website]
Cic biomaGUNE, San Sebastian, Spain
International Meeting IV
13 November 2015
Cic biomaGUNE, San Sebastian, Spain
Nanotechnology - Complementary Skills IV
16-20 November 2015 
Cic biomaGUNE, San Sebastian, Spain 


Final Meeting  

6-7 October 2016 

UCBL, Lyon, France



Photo: RADIOMI International Meeting 4, San Sebastian, Spain.

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