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14/07/2015: RADIOMI Newsletter 3 online now More

31/05/2015: Jubilant DraxImage Awards for Sameer Joshi (Cic biomaGUNE) & Carlotta Taddei (KCL) More


30/06/2015: 10th RADIOMI Paper. An article by Prof. Gee's group was published in Chem.CommsMore

29/06/2015: 9th RADIOMI Paper. An article by Prof. Gouverneur's group accepted for publication in Org.Lett. Mor

The Project


Innovative Radiochemistry to Advance Molecular Imaging 


The RADIOMI project research objective is to pool the expertise of nine leading scientists to provide a coordinated first class training program to produce new talent and innovation in Radiochemistry for Molecular Imaging.
The emphasis of this network is on training scientists able to develop and perform innovative radiolabeling with the short half-life positron emitting isotopes 18F (109.8 mins), 11C (20.4 mins) and 13N (10 mins). These new and improved methods will be trialed in the synthesis of known and new radiotracers (small molecules, peptides, libraries of labeled compounds) notoriously difficult to prepare and/or to access in a pure form, with the required quality or in a reproducible manner. Preclinical evaluation will be carried out on selected tracers.  
In the process, the network will provide state-of-the-art training opportunities in chemistry, radiochemistry, nuclear physics, microfluidic and flow technology, pharmacology, (pre)clinical imaging (oncology, Central Nervous System), multimodal imaging, all key disciplines for radiopharmaceutical development and nuclear medicine but also related to health physics, all having a major impact on society’s welfare.

Report Summaries


Project reference: 316882
Subprogramme area:
EU contribution: 
EUR 3,918,481
Period: 2012-2016

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