Issue No.1 - June 2014

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Editorial team:

A. Pekošak​ (VUMC)

U. Filp (VUMC)

Dr. P. Schmitz (UOXF)

Issue No.2 - January 2015

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Editorial team:

C. Taddei (KCL)

T. Eijsbouts (UCBL)

E. Ismalaj (UCBL)

Dr. P. Schmitz (UOXF)

Latest news

28/09/2016 : RADIOMI Fellow with NRC9 Poster Award

The RADIOMI Fellow Anna Krzyczmonik from Solin's group at the University of Turku (Finland) won a Poster Award at the Ninth International Conference on Nuclear and Radiochemistry - NRC9, held in Helsinki (Finland) earlier this month. Anja presented her research on Utilization of VUV-photons for synthesis of high specific activity [18F]F2 gas, carried out in cooperation with the RADIOMI Fellows Thomas Keller and  Dr. Anna Kirjavainen, under the supervision of Dr. Sarita Forsback and Prof. Olof Solin. Congratulations, Anja!


16/08/2016 : RADIOMI Fellow on secondment meets Erasmus+ Trainee

The RADIOMI Fellow Sameer Joshi from Llop's group at Cic biomaGUNE (Spain) is visiting the University of Oxford (UK) this August. He is working on the radiosynthesis of 18F labelled compounds in cooperation with the Gouverneur group. Sameer's goal is to complete his PhD project by the end of October 2016. 

The Gouverneur group is hosting also an Erasmus+ trainee - Silvia Venturi from the University of Urnibo (Italy). Silvia is an MSc student in pharmacy, interested in organic synthesis and 18F labelling for PET

Dr. Yanlan Wang, RADIOMI experienced researcher, helps the junior members of the team.

Photo: (left to right) Sameer Joshi (Cic biomaGUNE, Spain), Dr. Yanlan Wang (UOXF, UK), Silvia Venturi (University of Urbino, Italy), Francesco Ibba (UOXF, UK)


05/07/2016 : Chemistry ITN managers present at the 1st Oxford RISN Conference 2016

The Project Managers of RADIOMI, OxIOSCR and DiStruc presented a poster at the First Research and Innovation Support Network Conference held on 5th July at the University of Oxford (UK). Dr. Pavlina Schmitz, Dr. Tracey Marr and Irini Hatzimichali showcased the EU-funded Marie Skłodowska-Curie Innovative Training Networks (ITN), currently co-ordinated by the Oxford Department of Chemistry. Forty five young researchers and over forty principle investigators, spread in academic and industrial institutions across Europe, work together in the fields of radiochemistry, cancer research and soft condensed matter. Their common goal is to achieve scientific excellence through comprehensive and state-of-the art training. 

Photo: (left to right) Dr. Pavlina Schmitz, Irini Hatzimichali


16/03/2016 : RADIOMI Fellow on Secondment - from Industry to Academia

The RADIOMI Experienced Researcher Dr. Guilia Boscutti from Camporese's group at the AAA (France), visited the Department of ChemistryUniversity of Oxford (UK), as part of her external training program. Giulia performed pure organic synthesis and learned more about new fluorination methods and their application to the production of relevant Positron Emission Tomography (PET) tracers.

“Carrying out research activities in a different institution, moreover - stepping from an industrial to an academic research environment, was exciting and stimulating”, said Dr. Boscutti.

Photo: (left-to-right) Francesco Ibba, Nicholas Taylor (UOXF), Dr. Guilia Boscutti (AAA).

05/03/2016 : RADIOMI Project Manager with Erasmus+ staff grant

The RADIOMI Project Manager Dr. Pavlina Schmitz has been awarded an Erasmus+ staff grant from the University of Oxford to undertake a short period of training abroad. 

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Issue No.3 - June 2015

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Editorial team:

E. Da Silva Fernandez (Cic biomaGUNE)

S. Joshi (Cic biomaGUNE)

L. Pfeifer (UOXF)

G. Cremosnik (UOXF)

Dr. P. Schmitz (UOXF)

Issue No.4 - 2016

Editorial team 

Dr. P. Schmitz (UOXF)

Dr. G. Boscutti (AAA)

Dr. A. Kirjavainen (KCL)

A. Lima Oubina (UD)

A. Krzyczmonik (UTU)

T. Keller (UTU)


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