13/11/2015 : RADIOMI International Meeting 4

The fourth RADIOMI Scientific Meeting was organised by Dr. Jordi Llop and took place at CIC biomaGUNE, San Sebastian, Spain. The RADIOMI fellows presented an update on their research progress and secondments. Representatives of the RADIOMI Associate Partners (Dr. Sajinder Luthra, GEHC - UK) and Advisory Board (Prof. André Luxen, University of Liège - Belgium) provided valuable feedback on the ongoing research and recommendations for future work.

The progression of the project deliverables, final events and secondments, were discussed in a closed Management meeting. Avenues for future collaboration within the network were identified.

12/11/2015 : RADIOMI Fellows Carlotta Taddei and Ulrike Filp with IBA Prizes for Outstanding Presentations

The RADIOMI ESRs Carlotta Taddei from Gee's group at KCL (UK) and Ulrike Filp from Windhorst's group at VUmc (The Netherlands) won the Awards for Outstanding Oral (Carlotta) and Poster (Ulrike) Presentation in Radiochemistry at the Molecular Imaging Workshop 2015 in San Sebastian, Spain. 


07/10/2015 : RADIOMI Fellow Lukas Pfeifer with AstraZeneca Prize for Best Oral Presentation

The RADIOMI ESR Lukas Pfeifer from Gouverneur's group at the University of Oxford (UK) was awarded one of the four equal Prizes for best oral presentation at the Astra-Zeneca sponsored Graduate Seminar, 6-7 October 2015, Oxford (UK).

16/09/2015 : RADIOMI Fellow with Fulbright visiting student research award

Aleksandra Pekošak​ from Windhorst's group at VUmc (The Netherlands) won Fulbright visiting student researcher award. Aleksandra will conduct 9-month research on radiopharmaceutical chemistry in Vasdev's group at the Department of Radiology at Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School (USA).

14/08/2015 : RADIOMI Fellow on Secondment at UOXF (UK)

Today the RADIOMI ESR Anna Krzyczmonik (Anja) from Solin's group at the Turku PET Centre (UTU, Finland) completed her secondment at the University of Oxford (UK). Anja worked on the synthesis of various precursors for radiolabelling, in cooperation with the RADIOMI ESR Lukas Pfeifer and the Gouverneur group at Oxford. The project will be continued later this year, with Lukas visiting UTU.
Photo: (left-to-right) Nicholas Taylor (UOXF), Anna Krzyczmonik (UTU), Dr. Michael Schedler (UOXF).


14/07/2015 : RADIOMI Newsletter 3 online now

The RADIOMI Newsletter 3 contains stories about the RADIOMI events in Turku (Finland), new fellows, publications and forthcoming meetings. The Editorial team wish to gratefully acknowledge all contributors.

08/07/2015 : RADIOMI Fellows on Secondment at KCL (UK)

Secondments are a part of the RADIOMI programme, providing meaning exposure of each researcher to different environments and sectors.

The RADIOMI ESRs Ulrike Filp and Aleksandra Pekošak​ from Windhorst's group at VUMC (The Netherlands) were hosted by the Gee group at KCL (UK) in June/July 2015.

The ESRs carried out research on carbon-11 chemistry, working closely with the KCL ESR Carlotta Taddei. The project will be continued later this year, when Carlotta is visiting the VUMC.


Photo: (left-to-right) Aleksandra Pekošak (VUMC), Ulrike Filp (VUMC), Dr. Anna Kirjavainen (RADIOMI ER, KCL) and Carlotta Taddei (KCL).


25/03/2015 : RADIOMI School 3 ends today

RADIOMI School 3 was organised by Prof. Olof Solin at the University of Turku, Finland. The first four days were dedicated to Radiopharmaceuticals - from basic design to clinical applications. RADIOMI Associated partners presented the industrial expectations on new radiopharmaceuticals and collaboration with academia. During a hand-on day at the Turku PET centre (ref. photo), the fellows learned how to synthesise a GMP-tracer and analysed a real time PET scan of an animal. Complementary skills training was included. 

All fellows attended a 3-day PET Basics course held at the Turku University hospital. The course was clinically focused and gave an insight into human PET studies, rarely seen by radiochemists. 

16/03/2015 : RADIOMI International Meeting 3

The third RADIOMI Scientific Meeting was organised by Prof. Olof Solin and took place at the Museum of History and Contemporary Art in Turku, Finland. In a unique cultural environment, the RADIOMI fellows presented their individual reports and secondment plans. Representatives of the RADIOMI Associate Partners (Dr. Sajinder Luthra, GEHC - UK) and Advisory Board (Dr. Victor Pike, NIH/NIMH - USA, and Prof. André Luxen, University of Liège - Belgium) provided valuable feedback on the ongoing research and recommendations for future work.

The progression of the project deliverables, future events and secondments were discussed in a closed Management meeting. Various ideas for future collaboration within the network were collected in a brainstorming session "Life after RADIOMI".

05-14/11/2014 : RADIOMI School 2 

The second RADIOMI School was organised by Prof. Albert Windhorst and took place in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. The eight days programme in radiochemistry included lectures on Nitrogen-13, Fluorine-18, Carbon-11, radiometals, and hands-on experience in radionuclide production. The students gained complementary skills on manuscript and grant proposal writing. The last two days were dedicated to automation of radiochemistry, with demonstration performed by RADIOMI Associated Partners. 

04/11/2014 : RADIOMI Mid-Term Review Meeting

The Mid-Term Review Meeting was held on Tuesday 4th November 2014 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. All PIs and fellows attended together with Associate Partners representatives, the Project Officer from the European Commission and an Expert Reviewer. All fellows gave presentations on their background, scientific research and future career plans. The fellows had the opportunity to discuss with the Project Officer their experience within the network.

03/11/2014 : RADIOMI International Meeting 2 

The second RADIOMI Scientific Meeting was organised by Prof. Albert Windhorst and took place in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. The RADIOMI fellows and guests were inspired by renowned experts, including a young female scientist. Dr. Pál Mikecz (on behalf of Dr. János Borbély - BBS Nano-­technology LLC, Hungary) presented new nanoformulations for contrast agent and drug delivery. Dr. Victor Pike (NIH/NIMH, USA) talked about advances in the utility of hypervalent substrates for radiofluorination and PET radio tracer synthesis. Dr. Danielle Vugts (VUmc Amsterdam) drawed the attention to 89Zr-Immuno-PET: from production to clinical application. 

The progression of the project deliverables, future events, secondments and preparation of a Periodic Report were discussed in a closed Management meeting. 

30/10/2014 : ESR1 wins Poster Prize at Pfizer Symposium

Congratulations to Lukas Pfeifer (Gouverneur group, UOXF, UK) who won the Equal Second Prize at the Pfizer Second Year Graduate Poster Symposium 2014. Read more

17/10/2014: RADIOMI International Meeting 2 Agenda online (see Year 2) Read more 


08/09/2014 : ESR7 wins Best Poster Prize at "33rd European Peptide Symposium"

The poster of Aleksandra Pekošak (Windhorst group, VUMC, The Netherlands) was selected as one of the two best poster presentations in the “Young Investigators’ Mini-Symposium” at the "33rd European Peptide Symposium" in Sofia, Bulgaria. Read more

07/07/2014 : First RADIOMI Newsletter 

RADIOMI News, Issue 1, is available online now. This issue contains the latest RADIOMI publications, ESRs impressions from project events, a message from the RADIOMI Coordinator Professor Véronique Gouverneur, an interview with ESR1 Lukas Pfeifer and more. Thanks to all contributors.

02/07/2014 : ESR1 wins First Prize at RSC Fluorine Group Symposium 2014

Lukas Pfeifer (Gouverneur group, UOXF, UK) won the prize for best student lecture at the RSC Fluorine Group Symposium 2014 in St Andrews, UK. Lukas presented a new catalytic method for the hydrofluorination of styrene. This work was recently published in Angewandte with Dr Enrico Emer and Dr J. M. Brown FRS. Read more

27/05/2014 : Jobs available now

More positions opened. Read more

08/04/2014 : RADIOMI-OPEN on LinkedIn

Join the RADIOMI group on LinkedIn.

08/04/2014 : RADIOMI International Meeting 1 ends today

Four invited speakers, internationally recognised leaders in their research areas, presented their latest achievements. Professors Hank Kung (University of Pennsylvania, USA), André Luxen (University of Liège, Belgium), Christer Halldin (Karolinska Institute, Sweden) and David O’Hagan (University of St Andrews, UK) inspired the RADIOMI Fellows and guests with their talks based on leading edge science.

The First International Scientific Meeting of RADIOMI, organized by the Project Coordinator Prof. Véronique Gouverneur, was held on 7th and 8th April 2014, at two venues in the University of Oxford, UK. The meeting was attended by the RADIOMI Fellows, Principal Investigators and invited guests. All ESRs gave presentations on their scientific projects and current research. Fruitful discussions on future research and collaborations followed. 

The progression of the project deliverables, future events, preparation of the Mid-Term Review Meeting and report were discussed in closed Principal Investigators meeting. 

02/04/2014 : Welcome to Oxford, RADIOMI ESRs!

On 2nd April 2014 the RADIOMI Early Stage Researchers (ESR) met for the first time. The RADIOMI School "Synthesis - Catalysis - Complementary Skills 1" was organized by the Project Coordinator Prof. Véronique Gouverneur and hosted by the University of Oxford, UK, from 2nd to 4th April 2014. The 12 ESR participants came from the University of Oxford (UK); King's College London (UK); Turku PET Centre, University of Turku (Finland); VU University Medical Center, Amsterdam (Netherlands); Medical and Health Science Center, Debrecen (Hungary); University Claude Bernard Lyon 1 (France) and CIC BiomaGUNE,  San Sebastián (Spain). The programme was based on lectures and practical trainings by experts in organic synthesis, catalysis, fluorine chemistry, and technology transfer. In an informal meeting with the Fellows, the Project Coordinator highlighted the importance of high quality science, training, secondments and collaboration. The students presented their ideas for activities to promote RADIOMI research and engage the public.

19/02/2014 : Second RADIOMI Publication

The fluorine and radiochemistry group at the University of Oxford, led by Prof. Véronique Gouverneur, has developed a novel methodology for catalytic hydrofluorination of alkenes. The methodology is best suited for alkenylarenes, which can be transformed in a range of functionalized benzyl fluorides. Read more

11/12/2013 : First RADIOMI Publication

The radiochemistry group at CIC biomaGUNE, Spain, led by Dr. Jordi Llop, in collaboration with Dr. Vanessa Gómez-Vallejo (CIC biomaGUNE) and Professor Rafael Franco’s group (CIMA), has implemented a methodology for the preparation of 13N-labelled azo derivatives using commercially available synthesis modules; despite the short half life of 13N, these radiotracers are suitable for the in vivo and in vitro detection of β-amyloiddeposits in small rodents. Read more

19/03/2013 : RADIOMI Kick-off Meeting at the University of Oxford

The RADIOMI Project Kick-off Meeting was held on 19th March 2013 at the University of Oxford, UK. The presence of all project partners gave this event a successful start.

In her welcome address, Prof. Véronique Gouverneur set the target goals of the network, "High quality science, high quality training, joint papers, leverage other grant applications". The Consortium Partners presented their research ideas and the capacity of their institutions to host Initial Training Network (ITN) fellows.

The next step in the RADIOMI network building is recruitment of ITN fellows. Only candidates with an outstanding academic and research record are invited to apply. The gender balance target of the project is to appoint at least 40% women.


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