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RADIOMI engages the public by communicating the importance and excitement of its research and by identifying public concerns and science priorities.

RADIOMI Outreach Activities

05/10/2016 : School student visits hosted by the RADIOMI team at Cic biomaGUNE, Spain


 On 3rd October 2016, more than 30 students and teachers from Colegio Inmakulada (Tolosa, Guipúzcoa) visited the Radioactive Facility of CIC biomaGUNE. Hosted by Dr. Vanessa Gómez-Vallejo, the future Diagnostic Imaging Technicians were introduced in the research conducted in the Molecular Imaging Facility, with specific emphasis in the investigations developed in the Radiochemistry and Nuclear Imaging Group. The visitors were especially interested in the production of different radiotracers with application in diagnostic imaging and the preparation of radiopharmaceuticals for clinical use.

On 4th October 2016,  Dr. Vanessa Gómez-Vallejo hosted more than 30 students from The Biomedicine Engineering School (Tecnun-Escuela de Ingenieros) of the University of Navarra. These future engineers had the opportunity to visit the Molecular Imaging Facility, including the cyclotron, the radiochemistry laboratory and the different imaging areas.

24/09/2015 : Carlotta Taddei, KCL, UK - "Boosting radiochemistry around Europe"

"I really enjoyed this secondment because it gave me a better understanding of team-work and time-management which can be really useful skills in my research field. In the future I hope to have similar work experience to this and grow my international collaborations so that my research can have an impact in this fascinating field." Read more

01/09/2015 : Funding opportunities in MSCA with case study "RADIOMI" 

Dr. Pavlina Schmitz, RADIOMI Project Manger, was invited to talk about EU funding opportunities for mobility and training of researchers at the Tihany Symposium in Hungary. She presented "RADIOMI" case study as a success story in the EU Marie Skłodowska-Curie actions.

19/05/2015 : "Research into Outreach" with OxIOSCR and RADIOMI, UOXF, UK

An Outreach training session, co-organised by OxIOSCR and RADIOMI, was delivered by Mrs Jayne Show (UOXF, UK). The fellows tested their knowledge on what makes good outreach and worked on project proposals for activities linked to research. Thanks to Jayne, Dr Tracey Marr, Mrs Susan Davis and all fellows for their contribution.

20/02/2015 : Eunice Sofia Da Silva Fernandes, CIC biomaGUNE, Spain - “High school visit from Portugal”

On February 20th 2015, a group of high-school students from Pecanova-Coimbra (Portugal) visited CIC biomaGUNE. This was an excellent opportunity to explain to the future generations the potentiality of radiochemistry and molecular imaging, while disseminating the work performed in the context of the RADIOMI project. Read more

16/01/2015 : Ermal Ismalaj and Ture Eijsbouts, UCBL, France - "Radiochemistry and PET"

On January 16 we organized an open day at our lab at UCBL1 for high school students. The objective was to introduce students to the world of research and especially chemistry and to increase their interest in this field. Read more

Fellows Reports

08/09/2014 : Aleksandra Pekošak and Ulrike Filp, VUMC, The Netherlands - RADIOMI reporters at "33rd European Peptide Symposium"

Aleksandra’s poster was selected as one of the two best poster presentations in the “Young Investigators’ Mini-Symposium”. Read more

07/09/2014 : Gregor Cremosnik, UOXF, UK - "After school - from Oe to Ox"

Gregor's article about his life after leaving high school, was published in the Kantonsschule Zürich Nord magazine Nordpool, 3, 2014 (in German) (see page 12). The aim of the story is to help high school students understand the challenges of a career in science. A detailed reference to the RADIOMI project is included.

More in the Outreach Archive


26/09/14: Open Day at CIC biomaGUNE, Spain


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