48. [18F]F-DPA for the Detection of Activated Microglia in a Mouse Model of Alzheimer's Disease
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C. Taddei, A. D. Gee*
J. Label. Compd. Radiopharm. (2018), 61, 237-251
44. From Carbon-11-Labeled Amino Acids to Peptides in Positron Emission Tomography: the Synthesis and Clinical Application
A. PekošakU. Filp, A. J. Poot, A. D. Windhorst*
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Q. Glenadel, E. Ismalaj, T. Billard*
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41. Biocatalysis in radiochemistry: Enzymatic incorporation of PET radionuclides into molecules of biomedical interest
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40. Sustainable and Continuous Synthesis of Enantiopure l-Amino Acids by Using a Versatile Immobilised Multienzyme System
S. Velasco-Lozano, E. S. da Silva, J. Llop*, F. Lopez-Gallego  
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39. Controlled Single and Double Iodofluorination of Alkynes with DIH- and HF-Based Reagents
L. Pfeifer, V. Gouverneur*
Org Lett. (2018), 20, 6, 1576-1579

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