List 2015

3. Efficient Nitrogen-13 radiochemistry catalyzed by a highly stable immobilized biocatalyst
E. da Silva, V. Gómez-Vallejo, J. Llop*, F. López Gallego 
Catalysis Science and Technology (2015), 15, 2705-2713
4. Synthesis of Radiolabelled Aryl Azides from Diazonium Salts: Experimental and Computational Results Permit to Identify the Preferred Mechanism
S. M. Joshi, A. de Cózar, V. Gómez-Vallejo, J. Koziorowski, J. Llop*, F. P. Cossío 
Chemical Communications (2015), 51, 8954-8957
5. Improved synthesis and application of [11C]benzyl iodide in positron emission tomography radiotracer production
A. Pekošak*U. Filp, L. Rotteveel, A. J. Poot, A. D. Windhorst*
Journal of Labelled Compounds and Radiopharmaceuticals (2015), 58 (8), 342-348
6. Coordination Diversity in Hydrogen-Bonded Homoleptic Fluoride–Alcohol Complexes Modulates Reactivity
K. M. Engle, L. Pfeifer, G. W. Pidgeon, G. T. Giuffredi, A. L. Thompson, R. S. Paton, J. M. Brown, V. Gouverneur*
Chemical science (2015), 6, 5293-5302 (Edge Article)
7. [18F]Labeling of Aryl-SCF3, -OCF3 and -OCHF2 with [18F]Fluoride 
T. Khotavivattana, S. Verhoog, M. Tredwell, L. Pfeifer, S. Calderwood, K. Wheelhouse, T. L. Collier, V. Gouverneur*
Angewandte Chemie International Edition (2015), 54 (34), 9991-9995
8. Acid-Catalyzed Synthesis of α-Trifluoromethylthiolated Carbonyl Compounds
S. Alazet, E. Ismalaj, Q. Glenadel, D. Le Bars, T. Billard*
European Journal of Organic Chemistry (2015), 21, 4607-4610
9. Cross-Coupling of [2-Aryl-1,1,2,2-tetrafluoroethyl]trimethylsilanes with Aryl Halides
M. O'Duill, E. Dubost, L. Pfeifer, V. Gouverneur*
Organic Letters (2015), 17 (14), 3466-3469
10. [11C]CO2 to [11C]CO conversion mediated by [11C]silanes: a novel route for [11C]carbonylation reactions
C. Taddei, S. Bongarzone, A. K. H. Dheere, A. D. Gee*
Chemical Communications (2015), 51, 11795-11797
11. Organomediated Enantioselective 18F-Fluorination for PET Applications
F. Buckingham, A. K. Kirjavainen, S. Forsback, A. KrzyczmonikT. Keller, I. M. Newington, M. Glaser, S. K. Luthra, O. Solin, V. Gouverneur*
Angewandte Chemie International Edition (2015), 54 (45), 13366-13369
12. Direct [11C]Methylation of Amines from [11C]CO2 for the Synthesis of PET Radiotracers
F. LigerT. EijsboutsF. CadarossanesaibC. TourvieilleD.Le Bars, T. Billard*
European Journal of Organic Chemistry (2015), 29, 6434-6438
13. Synthesis of 11C-Labelled Symmetrical Ureas via the Rapid Incorporation of [11C]CO2 into Aliphatic and Aromatic Amines
A. K. H. Dheere, S. Bongarzone, C. Taddei, R. Yan, A. D. Gee*
Synlett (2015), 26 (16), 2257-2260
14. Oxidative Fluorination of N-Arylsulfonamides 
F. Buckingham, S. Calderwood, B. Checa, T. Keller, M. Tredwell, T. L. Collier, I. M. Newington, R. Bhalla, M. Glaser, V. Gouverneur*
Journal of Fluorine Chemistry (2015), 180, 33-39

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